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Pepsico’s Distributor Channel represents approximately 70% of PepsiCo Foodservices sales in the US. Using Business Intelligence experience garnered over the years in the IT vertical, Carnyx pitched PepsiCo Foodservice US the idea of utilizing Foodservice Distributor POS data to more effectively grow and manage sales for all of their lines of business (Pepsi, Frito-lay, Gatorade, Tropicana, and Sabra).

PepsiCo Foodservice US was awarded Vendor of the Year by ALL the major Foodservice Distributors in the US the year

the tool was deployed.  This was an achievement PepsiCo had not attained prior.

The tool was successfully deployed to over 1500 users at PepsiCo Foodservice and its Distributor Partners.



To provide PepsiCo Foodservice with an analytics and reporting tool that would allow them to optimize their and their Distributors sales growth, leveraging data.


After successfully pitching the idea to PepsiCo Foodservice (PFS),we co-presented the concept with PFS to the largest Foodservice Distributor in the US, SYSCO Foodservice, in order to get them to agree to share their POS data for the PepsiCo lines of business with Carnyx. 


Utilizing this data, we then developed PepsiCo SMART ( Strategic Measurement, Analysis, and Reporting Tool),

a web based analytic and reporting solution which provided things like Top Operator, Gains, Losses, Void, New Product, and New Operator Reporting.  User could select slicers like Customer (i.e. top 10, 20, 50, top 100, customer search),

Region (i.e. 8 PepsiCo Regions), Warehouse (i.e. 73 Sysco OPCOs), Time, LOB (i.e. Pepsi, FL, Quaker, Trop. Gatorade),

Brand (i.e. Doritos, Cheetos, Lays, etc.) , Pack Size (i.e. LSS, LVL, Variety Pack), SKU, Channel (i.e. Restaurant, Education, Cinema, etc.), Segment (i.e. QSR, Casual Dine, Fast Casual, etc.), National/Street, Concept/Chain)

"Carnyx Communications has propelled our business 10 years into the future with their analytical approach,

strategic thinking, and quality deliverables.
Our buisness would not be where it is today
without the partnership we have with Carnyx Communications."

Director of Sales and Business Development

PepsiCo Foodservice US

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