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The world’s longest selling oral rinse and now the #1 global oral rinse brand, LISTERINE® knows a thing or two about keeping mouths happy and healthy on the daily with a rewarding rinse. However, Listerine wanted to be able to leverage a new health discovery that would be beneficial to the Brand, which links oral hygiene to overall systemic health.

Listerine partnered with us to launch a promotional campaign that would carry this new claim message beyond simply providing a healthy mouth but also a healthy heart.

1.2 million promotional bottles were produced and sold-in providing a sales lift for the quarter.

The educational neck-tag was able to effectively communicate the new oral systemic health claim and bring new users

into the category.



Listerine now needed to find ways to successfully commercialize this new “oral systemic” health claim in order to bring lapsed and new consumers into the category to increase Listerine sales.


Our solution was two fold. Firstly, was formulating a partnership with a well established and trusted source relating to heart health.  The partner that best fit the bill and tired backin with Listerines values and the new claim was with the Heart

and Stroke Foundation of Canada. With a donation of $100,000.00 this cobrand provided instant credibility for the claim with consumers. 


Second was to create a promotional neck-tag which communicated the partnership and educational information

regarding Oral Systemic health to the consumer.

"Carnyx Communications understands that most innovative marketing strategy is rendered useless if not effectively executed. Their relentless commitment to seamless execution serves to differentiate Carnyx in the marketplace."

Group Brand Director

Johnson & Johnson Inc.



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