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The Big Idea/Innovation can come in many different forms. However, most consumer packaged goods and service based companies are often focused only on the product or service itself. Innovation driven organizations are always looking for breakthrough ways to create value, for the consumer or customer. This value can be found in alternate sources of innovation such as insight gathering and sharing, packaging, or distribution.


Today’s Marketing and Sales landscape is host to increased competition, decreased budgets, fewer internal business resources, increasingly more demanding customers and more savvy consumers. As a result, marketing and sales are having to do more with less. With these increased demands and diminishing resources, partners that CREATE VALUE are essential to your business success!


At Carnyx Communications, we are a full service Marketing Communications firm that understands this fact. We have developed a UNIQUE MARCOM skill set that will create value for you and your customers everytime.




We believe the biggest challenge that companies face today is effectively leveraging the wealth of information available to them to make informed business decisions. This applies to CONSUMER as well as BUSINESS TO BUSINESS marketing initiatives.


Our ability to create effective Marketing Centric Business Intelligence Solutions and integrate this with targeted strategic planning, relevant creative development, seamless execution, and granular program effectiveness measurement sets Carnyx Communications apart from traditional MARCOM agencies.



Marketing Communications

• Direct Marketing

• Loyalty Marketing

• Consumer Promotions

• New Product Launches

• Licensed Promotions

• Licensed Sponsorships

• Event Management

• Merchandising & Displays

• Sampling

• Training/Operational Support Tools

• Advertising



• Digital Signage

• Digital Out Of Home Advertising

• Internet/Intranet/Development and Hosting

• Digital Presentations

• Video Editing

• Social Media


Business Intelligence

• Customer/Channel/Consumer Analysis & Insight Generation

• Customer/Channel/Consumer Consulting Strategic Planning

• Marketing Program Effectiveness/Measurement

• CatMan Solutions

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