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Castrol/Wakefield Trade Marketing Web Portal


Wakefield Canada has over 6000 customer accounts in Canada who are divided into Territories. The Wakefield Territory Sales Manager is tasked with:


Managing customer participation by Trade Program


Calculating customer eligibility by Trade Program


Executing the payment process by Trade Program


Carnyx Communications developed a Web Portal solution that incorporates monthly Sales Data allowing Wakefield’s Territory Sales Managers to:


Easily add and remove customer accounts to Trade Programs exclusively in their territory


See calculated Trade Program activity (sales, claims, eligibility) by Customer, updated monthly


Enter Trade Program claims activity into the Web Portal


Generate a Trade Payment file weekly for claims processing



Marketing and Finance have 100 percent visibility of Trade Program activity


Wakefield reduced the total number of Trade Programs offered by 50 percent as a result of understanding Trade Program effectiveness


Territory Sales Managers have reduced administration efforts through a centralized payment and back-up process


Enhanced reporting is used to determine Trade Program effectiveness and customer profitability on an ongoing basis

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